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Cypress Table Winter Menu

The Cypress Cuban:

      House smoked Pork layered with Serrano ham, swiss, stone ground mustard and house pickles pressed on Cuban Bread 14.50


One Bad Dude:

      House brisket wrapped in a large flour tortilla with our mac and cheese lightly toasted and topped with more cheese sauce and scallion 15.50


The Cypress Mac:

      Our signature blended cheese house Mac made to order and topped with choice of protein, crispy taters, scallion and served with sweet 

      cornbread cake 15.00


The Birria Cuban:

      Birria Beef, paisa swiss, serrano ham and house pickles pressed on Cuban bread served with jus for dipping 15.00


The Belgian Boar:

      House smoked pork, florida honey hot sauce aioli and sharp cheddar pressed on house waffle 15.00


The V Cubano:

      House seitan ‘ham’ layered with our jackfruit pulled ‘pork’, vegan cheese, house pickles and stone ground mustard pressed on cuban

      bread 14.50


The Micanopy Taco:

      Roasted chicken, carrot salad, mojo crema, pickled local radish, cotija and charred scallion(3 tacos)15.00


Taco To The Hand:

      Gainesville Tempeh atop a mound of our beet hummus topped off with our carrot salad, herb dressing and local microgreens(3 tacos)14.00


The Garden Gnome Bowl:

      Quinoa and jasmine rice base, mixed greens, tomato herb salad, garbanzo, chipotle sweet potato puree, pickled red onion and choice of

      protein served with plantain chips and herb dressing 14.50


El Enrido:

      Fried Yucca topped with fresh cheese curds, Cuban black beans, mojo smoked pork, pickled red onion, scallion, cilantro, diced tomato

      and cotija cheese 14.50


Delannoy Tostone:

       Jumbo fried tostones topped with our Cuban black beans, house slaw, shredded lettuce and house pickled onion finished with

      Cilantro, a squeeze of lime and cotija cheese 14.00


520 Fries:

      Crispy fries topped off with our house Mac, choice of protein, house Florida bbq sauce and cornbread crumble! 15.50


The One:

      Our one and only breakfast sammie served all day! Shaved steak griddled with sweet onion on a Cory’s bagel finished with ‘merican cheese

      and our secret bagel sauce! 14.50

Cypress Table Winter Brunch

The Cypress Cuban:

      House smoked pork layered with Serrano ham, swiss cheese, stone ground mustard and house pickles pressed on Cuban bread 14.50


Chicken n Waffles:

      Our take on this classic! 24 hour buttermilk fried chicken perched on our Mac and Cheese waffles and smothered in our Florida beer cheese 15.50


The Nap:

      You’ll need one after this! A large flour tortilla filled with cheddar scrambled eggs, birria beef, crispy hashbrown and topped topped with our savory 

      smoked tomatillo sauce and lime crema 16.00


The Calle Ocho:

      Griddled Cuban bread and spread with guava on one side and moho black beans on the other, its topped off with an over easy fried egg, smoked 

      pork, pickled onion and finished off with cotija cheese 16.00


Donut French Toast:

      Back for the new year our house dough is dredged in a maple and Florida orange custard, griddled and topped with our smoked maple bourbon brown

      butter, powdered sugar and grilled local tangerine 15.50


TacoTo The Hand:

      Our new vegan winter tacos are perfect for brunch, lunch and dinner! House local beet hummus, Gainesville tempeh and our savory carrot salad piled 

      into flour tortillas and finished with our herb dressing and local microgreens 14.50


Biscuits and Gravy:

      A brunch favorite! Our cheddar scallion drop biscuits topped with our savory sage sausage gravy 15.50


Brunch Fries:

      Crispy fries topped with our house Mac and two over easy fried eggs! Top it with gravy if you wanna get crazy.  15.50


Pressed to Impress:

      A large flour tortilla filled with our moho black beans, house vegan breakfast sausage, and classic fried hash brown patty toasted and topped in our

      smoked tomatillo sauce and heirloom grape tomato 15.50


Deep Dish Quiche:

      a medley of cheeses, arugula pesto and creamy egg custard in house pie crust served with side salad or fruit 12.50

Cypress DOUGH Available Daily

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